mini normally closed mirco air solenoid valve 24V China

Proudct Features
Household appliances: Medical apparatus, beauty apparatus, massage apparatus, ect.

Overall Dimenaions

Proudct Parameters

型号 Model JMV030 JMV030-2 JMV030-3 JMV030-4 JMV030-5
额定电压 Rated Voltage DC12V DC24V
电压使用范围 DC12V±15% DC24V±15%
额定电流 Rated Current ≤150mA ≤350mA
额定功率 Rated power consumption 3.5W±15% 3.4W±15%
使用压力范围 0~60KPa
环境温度范围   -10~40℃
气密性 Leakage No power-on state: the air pressure at the air inlet is not less than 45KPa /
At 90% voltage state: the air pressure at the outlet should not drop below 25KPa within 3 minutes
排气速度 Exhaust speed(300~15mmHg) The air outlet of the solenoid valve is connected to a 500ml air storage container and a pressure gauge, and the container pressure is from 45KPa
The time to drop to 20KPa should not be greater than 4 seconds
寿命 Rated Life 1 million times (no load, open for 0.5 seconds and close for 0.5 seconds)

Product Superiority

Low energy

Performance is good

Low noise

Life is long

Small volume

Multi-purpose, use what you need

Factory direct, can accept the parameters customized

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Ten years of focus, quality assurance

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