DC 12V 24V Micro 2-Position 3-Way Electric Solenoid Valve For Air Pump

Product Features
Household appliances: Medical apparatus, beauty apparatus, massage apparatus, ect.

Overall Dimensions

Product Parameters

型号 Model JMV43
额定电压 Rated Voltage DC 12V
额定电流 Rated Current 560mA
额定功率 Rated power consumption 6.72w
额定压力 Common pressure 350mmHg
气密 Leakage ≤15mmHg/min
排气速度 Exhaust speed(300~15mmHg) ≤4sec
最低启动电压 Restart voltage DC 10V
寿命 Rated Life ≥500000 cycles

Product Superiority

Low energy

Performance is good

Low noise

Life is long

Small volume

Multi-purpose, use what you need

Factory direct, can accept the parameters customized

Why us

Ten years of focus, quality assurance

Do every detail with your heart

Affordable price, good ROI