China manufacturer normally closed mini micror solenoid valve for Beauty instruments

Proudct Features
Household appliances: Medical apparatus, beauty apparatus, massage apparatus, ect.

Overall Dimenaions

Proudct Parameters

Rated volatge DC3.0V DC5.0V DC7.5V
Rated current 300mA±10% 300mA±10% 250mA±10%
Resistor 10Ω±10% 23Ω±10% 30Ω±10%
Exhaust time Max.3seconds from 300mmHg reduce to 15mmHg at 100CC tank
Airtightness Max.3mmHg from 300mmHg at 100CC tank
Insulation grade A
Used fluid Air
Use environment 0-50℃ 75%RH
Type Normally closed
Life test 200000 Times ( 12s on and 5s off )
Weight ≈ 10g

Product Superiority

Low energy

Performance is good

Low noise

Life is long

Small volume

Multi-purpose, use what you need

Factory direct, can accept the parameters customized

Why us

Ten years of focus, quality assurance

Do every detail with your heart

Affordable price, good ROI