No leakage, corrosion resistance, no bubbles, can be empty
· Product specifications: (50Hz)
· Pump power: 0.18-0.25kW
· Full traffic: 105-130 L/min
· Quan Yang: 9.8-12.4 m
· Main materials: GFRPP, PVDF
· Suitable temperature: 0 ~ 75 ° C (GFRPP), 0 ~ 90 ° C (PVDF), 0 ~ 100 ° C (ETFE+CF)
· Product aliases: corrosion -resistant magnetic pump, leak -free magnetic pump, axis -free magnetic driver pump, magnetic cycle pump, etc.

Features and  Benefits:
♦ Non-contact structure: By accurately setting the relative position of the passive magnet and the active magnet, the position of the magnetic capsule can be effectively controlled magnetically. Even when idling, the rear end of the bearing will not contact the rear thrust ring. This structure is effective The generation of frictional heat is suppressed and the lubrication of the friction part is ensured.
♦ Small and strong: Lightweight appearance and standardized pump internal parts, easy assembly, easy to disassemble, inspect and maintain, convenient and time-saving. All the stress-concentrated parts such as the front shell and the rear shell of the pump are reinforced with reinforcing ribs to further improve the pressure resistance and mechanical strength of the pump.
♦ Innovative design, no leakage: the new design of the pump front cover, a variety of piping connection methods to match your needs, fully sealed, zero leakage. The impeller of one-piece design ensures high efficiency and quiet operation, is not easy to damage, and improves the reliability of the pump under high temperature conditions.