· Product specifications: (50Hz)
· Pump power: 1/2-5 HP
· Full traffic: 245-1210 l/min
· Quan Yang: 12.5-22.5 m
· Main materials: FRPP, PVDF
· Suitable temperature: 0 ~ 75 ° C (GFRPP), 0 ~ 90 ° C (PVDF), 0 ~ 100 ° C (ETFE+CF)
· Product aliases: axis -free magnetic driver pump, large flow magnetic pump, corrosion resistance pump, leak -free magnetic pump, etc.

Features and  Benefits:
♦ Non-contact structure: By accurately setting the relative position of the passive magnet and the active magnet, the position of the magnstic capsule can be effectively controlled magnetically. The displacement of the bearing will not contact the rear thrust ring even when idling. This structure is effective The generation of frictional heat is suppressed and the lubrication of the friction part is ensured.
♦ Innovative design, no leakage: a new design of the pump front cover, with a snap-in type, and the front cover inlet and outlet flanges are integrally formed to prevent leakage There is also a reinforced gasket designed to extend the working life.
♦ Newly upgraded self-circulating cooling structure: on the basis of the heat diffusion hole at the connection and fixing place of the impeller and the magnetic capsule, there is als a heat dissipation slot at the junction of the shaft sleeve and the magnetic capsule, whicl can pump the liquid around the shaft and the bearing Forced circulation under the actio of centrifugal force and reverse water blades quickly and effectively dissipates th displacement caused by friction, preventing the deformation and melting of the greas material in the pump cavity due to high temperature.