Chemical solution precision filter machine
· Filtering volume: 30-520 L/min
· Main material: GFRPP
· Temperature -resistant range: 0 ~ 75 ℃
· Filter elements: 10 “× 4, 20” × (1-18), 30 “× 18
· Apply to electroplating, surface treatment, metal refinement, PCB etching equipment, pharmaceutical environmental protection, etc.

型式 滤芯数 过滤流量(L/min) 马达功率(kw) 入*出口 (mm) 最高适用温度(℃) 最大工作压力(kg/㎝²)
HFG-201 20″*1 30 0.065 20*20 70 0.8
HFG-202 20″*2 60 0.18 25*25 70 0.8
HFG-104 10″*4 60 0.18 25*25 70 0.8
HFG-204 20″*4 80 0.25 25*25 70 2
HFG-206 20″*6 150 0.37 40*40 70 2
HFG-208 20″*8 210 0.75 40*40 70 3
HFG-212 20″*12 320 1.5 50*40 70 4.5
HFG-218 20″*18 480 2.2 50*50 70 5
HFG-318 30″*18 520 3.75 65*50 70 5

● Humanized bolt
According to the mechanical design size, the bolt with stronger stress resistance, let the bolts rotate freely in your hands, resist the pressure, not stuck, more durable and safer.

● Install the corrosion -proof diaphragm pressure gauge
Traditional installation to the pressure gauge, it is easy to rust, and the pressure film is more likely to corrode, resulting in the pressure gauge damage and no way to correctly reflect the pressure in the barrel. Safety.

● Magnetic pump resistance to strong corrosion
Chuangsheng’s corrosion -resistant magnetic pump head adopts special precision design. It uses German imported raw materials for precision injection molding. It is resistant to strong corrosion and has no leakage. The brand efficient energy -saving motor is used, and the operation is more uniform, quiet, and long -term useful, and efficient energy saving help customers save money and make money unknowingly.

● Filtering tube design of die -casting integrated molding
Breaking the traditional welding or buckle base connection method, according to the finite element analysis (FEA), accurately calculate the tolerance of the filter tube base, use imported raw materials integrated die -casting, high pressure resistance, zero leakage, more assured.

● Super anti -corrosion buckle
SUS material is refined and exquisite in appearance. It also adopts an innovative process and sprayed anticorrosive plastic coating to make it difficult to corrode, not damage, and long life.

● Design and install decentralized diversion system
The chemical filter is designed and installed with a decentralized diversion system to make the internal flow rate of the barrel uniform and rapid, and the filtration is more precise to avoid the possibility of skew the filter element skew and filtering.

Features and  Benefits:
♦ Most filter parts are molded by polypropylene. Easy to assemble and maintain.
♦ Seal-less magnetic pump eliminates leakage of pump.
♦ For plating tanks from 1000 to approximately 25000 liters.
♦ Operating temperature to 70°C.
♦ Can be supplied with cartridge plate fixture, strainer plate fixture, sta cloth bag, cartridge nut, paper.