Product introduction:
Chemical -resistant self -absorbing horizontal pump
Product specifications: (50Hz)
*Full traffic: 185-800 L/min
*Quan Yang: 7-27 M
*Main materials: GFRPP, PVDF
*Transfer liquid temperature range: 0 ~ 75 ℃ (GFRPP), 0 ~ 90 ℃ (PVDF)

All the connection parts of the pump are made of corrosion -resistant FRPP, CPVC, and PVDF materials, depending on the transported chemical solution.
Special self -absorbing design, self -suction can reach 20FT, 3 “Models must use tongue unidirectional valve to have self -absorbing function.
Adopt a unique interior TEFLON BELLOW Seal from the cold shaft seal design.
The entrance must be equipped with a bottom valve to prevent the inhalation of the debris and damage the pump; the export must be equipped with a inverse stop valve to prevent the air rotation damage caused by the instantaneous return of the pump in the pump.
Suitable for the circulation of various acid -base liquids and wastewater.
It is strictly forbidden to operate without water and air.

Features and  Benefits:
♦ Special self priming design, stronger self indraw to 20€. FRPP, PVDF material depending on what kind of sending chemical liquid.
♦ Max. fluid temperature: FRPP80°C(176F), PVDF90°C (194 F).
♦ The motor shaft extension is coupled to a standard motor and is made of SUS316, a Teflon sleeve is installed over the shaft, there is no solution contact between the shaft assembly and the chemicals or solution being pumped.
♦ The seal is cooled by the solution in the pump which running, by the design of the pump housing, the mechanical seal is always submerged is solution,so crystals cannot be formed around the seal when the pump is turned off.
♦ The pump connections are standard 1-1/2″, 2″, or 3″ flange connections depending on model and size.
♦ High efficiency-low operation cost, leak-free operation and easy maintenance.
♦Excellent chemical resistance.
♦ Independent thrust bearings for maximum reliability.
♦ Fluid specific gravity up to 1.8.