Can be empty, stainless steel upright acid -resistant pump
· Product specifications: (50/60Hz)
· Full traffic: 95-600 L/min
· Quan Yang: 9-22 M
· Main materials: SUS304, SUS316, titanium

The double -leaf wheel design can prevent bubbles from generating
The double -leaf wheel design can prevent bubbles from generating; the leaf wheels are balanced by power, low noise, and low vibration rate.

Scope of use is very wide
The scope of use of stainless steel chemical pumps is very wide, such as chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, seawater dilute, sea water mining, papermaking, food and other industrial departments transport organic granules with organic without polarizers The medium, petroleum products and corrosive acid and alkali and micro acid liquid are used in circulation to resist high temperature.

Features and  Benefits:
♦ Cast 316/304 stainless steel pump, fine surface, high performance impeller.
♦ Seal-less, dry-running without damage. Shaft seal prevents corrosive vapors from entering the bearing.
♦ Balance calibrated impeller, low noise, low vibration.
♦ Impact size, ideal for in tank applications.
♦ Both flanges of motor have shaft seals to prevent acid vapor from entering the motor.
♦ Suitable for all kinds of alkaline, week acid circulation, high temperature applications.