Features and  Benefits:
♦ 700-1500mm can be customized according to the depth of tank.
♦ All the connecting liquid pump parts, are PPH, PVDF corrosion resistant materials, depending on the delivery of chemical liquid.
♦ Special double shaft seals are designed to prevent motor bearings damaging from chemical gas.
♦ With specially designed impeller, even if the impeller is occasionally reversed, the pump will not damage.
♦ Suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali resistant liquid circulation, spray washing equipment, waste water treatment, chemical tank liquid transportation.

Accessories: Suctiiong basket PP or PVC outlet connection Metal or plastic motor casing
Dirve: Thtee-phase motor, 0.55KW to 2.2KW
High -quality raw material: The European imported PP PVDF raw materials are selected.
It is more acid -resistant and does not crack. Make production safer and more environmentally friendly.