Features and  Benefits:
♦ Dry-running without damage.
♦ Molded parts are out of FRPP, CFRPP, PVDF applicable to various chemicals.
♦ The lightweight form and mounting plate structure is suitable for in- tank applications, easy to mount and maintain.
♦ Shaft seal stops corrosive vapor to reach the motor bearing perfectly.
♦ Closed impeller, fastened independence of rotational direction.
♦ Shaft is separated from the chemicals by a plastic protective tube.
♦ Radial and axial forces are absorbed by reinforced motor bearings.
♦ Double protections of corrosion resistance of paint-coat.

Item outlet (mm) power 50HZ 60HZ weight(kg)
phase HP curve(red) max head(m) max flow(l/min) curve(blue) max head(m) max flow(l/min)
CS-15EP-50 25*15  1/9 a 3 50 a 4 75 4
CS-15EP-90 25*15  1/8 b 3.5 60 b 5 85 4.5
CS-15EP-120 25*15  1/6 c 3.8 70 c 6 100 4.8

Accessories: Suctiiong basket PP or PVC outlet connection Metal or plastic motor casing
Dirve: Thtee-phase motor, 0.05KW to 0.37KW
High -quality raw material: The European imported PP PVDF raw materials are selected.
It is more acid -resistant and does not crack. Make production safer and more environmentally friendly.