Atomizer vacuum mini pump JMP12VPM

Proudct Features
Household appliances: Oxygen injectiong apparatus, massage appaaratus and medical apparatus and so on.

Overall Dimenaions

Proudct Parameters

Rated volatge DC3.0V DC6.0V
Rated current <400mA <200mA
Air flow >1.2L/min
Max vacuum >-300mmHg
Pressure >450mmHg
Airtightness <3mmHg/min from 300mmHg at 500CCtank
Noise <56dB(30CM away)
Life test >200 Hours
Weight ≈ 15g

Product Superiority

Low energy

Performance is good

Low noise

Life is long

Small volume

Multi-purpose, use what you need

Factory direct, can accept the parameters customized

Why us

Ten years of focus, quality assurance

Do every detail with your heart

Affordable price, good ROI