6v 12v 24v Dc Small Micro Mini Oem Dosing Metering Liquid Dispenser Transfer Peristaltic Pump

Proudct Features
Products are used in medical diagnosis, environmental protection instruments, analytical instruments, inkjet inks, washing and cleaning, food and beverage, experimental research, pharmaceutical machinery, smart home appliances, industrial machinery and other products

Overall Dimenaions

Proudct Parameters


JMK310A 最大真空度/Max.Vacuum ≤-20 Kpa
额定电压/Rated Voltage DC 3V-6V 噪音/Noise Level ≤65dB(30cm Away)
额定电流/Rated Current ≤500mA-1000mA 寿命测试/Life Test ≥ 100,000 Times(ON 2S,OFF 2S)
额定功率/Rated Power 3.0 W 扬程/Pump Head ≥0.5m
气嘴口径/Air Tap O.D. Ø5.0mm 吸程/Suction Head ≥0.5m
抽液量/Water Flow 0.05-0.2LPM 重量/Weight 42g

Product Superiority

Low energy

Performance is good

Low noise

Life is long

Small volume

Multi-purpose, use what you need

Factory direct, can accept the parameters customized