Under abnormal conditions, it has excellent chemical resistance pumps
· Product specifications: (50/60Hz)
· Electric power: 180-250 W
· Full traffic: 45-110 L/min
· Quan Yang: 3.5-10 m
· Main materials: FRPP, PVDF
· Suitable temperature: 0 ~ 75 ° C (FRPP), 0 ~ 90 ° C (PVDF)

type Inlet and exit (inch) power Number of phases Extreme curve Standard flow(l/min-m) Full traffic(l/min) Full -scale(m) weight(kg)
CX-2518 1″x1″ 180 2 a/A 50-5.4/7.8 90 8 8
CX-2525 1″x1″ 250 2 b/B 1970/6/9 110 8.7 10
CX-70RM 1″x1″ 180 2 a/A 50-5.4/7.8 90 8 8
CX-100RM 1″x1″ 250 2 b/B 70/6/9 110 8.7 10

Features and  Benefits:

1. No leakage: The axisless seal structure is not like a traditional centrifugal pump. Driving the rear cover with strong corrosion resistance between driving magnets and passive magnets can avoid problems such as leakage, pollution, and corrosion.

2. Anti -corrosion: The pump head is used in European raw materials, which is super strong. You can choose two types of pumps in CFRPP and PVDF according to the transmitted medicinal solution. The pump axis heart material has ceramics and SICs. The ceramics can be used for general low -corrosive liquids, and SICs can resist high corrosive liquids.

3. High durability: Calculate the best flow channel geometry from the pump fluid design software, minimize the fluid loss to the minimum, and improve the efficiency of the impeller. Using super permanent rare earthy iron magnets, it has excellent performance and coupling capabilities.

4. Easy to assemble: The internal parts of the pump are specified, the assembly is easy, the disassembly, inspection, and maintenance is very easy to complete, convenient and time -saving.

5. Plastic ejection bases, lightweight, corrosion resistance.