Vice pump installation, testing and trial operation adjustment

Published Date: 2022-12-23 16:47:14 Views: 244

The water pump installation process includes the basic inspection of the water pump to install the inspection and adjust the lubrication and refuel trial operation.

Pump installation

Basic inspection process

Step 1: View construction drawings

Step 2: Construction conditions

1. The water pump installation layer has passed the structural acceptance.

2. The building related axis and elevation lines have been drawn.

3. The strength of the water pump foundation has reached more than 70%.

Step 3: Basic Inspection

Basic coordinates, elevations, size, and reserved holes should meet the design requirements. The basic surface is flat and the concrete strength meets the equipment installation requirements.

1. The plane size of the water pump foundation should be 100 ~ 150mm wide than the base of the pump unit. When there is a vibrational installation, it should be 150mm wider than the vibration base seat around the pump. The basis at the top of the foundation is high. When the vibration is not installed, the surface of the pumping house should be higher than 100mm. When there is a vibrational installation, the high pump house surface is more than 50mm or more, and the stagnant water shall not be formed. There are drainage facilities around the basic periphery to facilitate leakage or exclusion of accidents during maintenance.

2. The water pollution, gravel, soil, and stagnant water in the water pump basic surface and ground foot bolts should be cleaned; the threads and nuts of the embedded foot bolts should be protected; the surface of the pads should be flattened.