Solenoid valve ensures noise-free, discreet breast pump design

Published Date: 2022-08-12 15:18:02 Views: 536

The breast pump is a mechanical device, which is used to extract milk from the breast. They can be a manual device, automatic device from hand or foot power or power supply by electricity.

We know that building a cautious, quiet and comfortable nutrition pump is the key factor in its success in the market. In order to achieve the purpose, one of the key components is the solenoid valve.

Therefore, we recommend using JMKV526GC for your reference. This reference is usually used in applications such as respiratory therapy instruments, patient monitoring equipment, compression therapy (DVT) and robotic pharmacies.

This unit has three intensity.
1. Stable size without designing the shell of large devices, which reduces the weight
2. Energy efficiency, retain the life of the battery
3. Life span for a long time can be circulated at most.