Massage chair air pump work principle

Published Date: 2022-09-30 14:18:57 Views: 301

For the air pump on the chair, this air pump is mainly inflated on the airbags on the massage chair, and the massage chair human muscles are hit by the squeezing of the airbag. The working principle of this air pump is that the electromagnetic principle makes the inflatable piston inflatable to the airbag.

For those who are sitting and studying for a long time, massage makes blood circulation smoothly, improve back pain and prevent diseases, and improve sleep quality, alleviate general fatigue, improve posture and exercise healthy bodies.

The principle of the massage chair is to use mechanical rolling effects and mechanical squeezing to massage. Artificial massage massage can clear the meridians, make the qi and blood circulation, and maintain the yin and yang of the body. Human spirit is inspiring and eliminating fatigue, which has an important role in ensuring physical health.