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Pump & Valve Dedicated to optimized fluid control solutions with innovation,
we are your most trustworthy pump & valve specialist.


Focus on the development of miniature diaphragm pumps. Mainly used in medical, beauty, environmental protection, laboratory, household appliances, food and beverage, etc.

Solenoid valves

Our solenoid valves are small in size, light in weight and low in power consumption.
Usually used in massage, beauty, medical equipment and other products. The valve body construction is suitable for pneumatic connections, usually a 2-position, 3-way construction.


Electromagnet is an application of current magnetic effect (electrically generated magnetism), which is closely related to life, such as electromagnetic relays, electronic door locks, intelligent channel turns, electromagnetic flow meters, etc.


Medical Equipment

Our air pumps, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps and solenoid valves are widely adopted into medical equipments...


Our vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are playing irreplaceable roles in areas such as air quality monitoring...

Kitchen and Bath

In kitchen and bathroom industries, our air pumps, water pumps and inlet valves serves top brands from Japan, Korea...

Automobile Seat System

Automobile seat lumbar support system and seat massaging system, especially the latter, have very high or...

Household Appliances

Features such as low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and long life make diaphragm pump the first...

Beauty & Healthcare

Based on our deep understanding of customer application and grasp of key requirements...

Cooperated Brands